Think. Act. Process. Repeat.

11:17 AM

I did something today that I never thought I'd do. Something so terrifying, so alienating, so...disgusting that I tremble as I type this, knowing that I'm sharing with the world what I've done...

Today I...cleaned a cat litter box for the first time (cue vomit sounds here).

As a dog owner for most of my life, the concept of cleaning a cat litter box is absurd, gross, and (now) all too real for me. While my boyfriend was hard at work, I decided to do some cleaning at his place while I was on my break (best girlfriend award?). As I moved between sifting and gagging, I also felt a great sense of accomplishment. "Yes!" I thought, "Now this place is gonna smell great!"

As I was washing my hands once the deed was done, my satisfaction soon turned to despair. Suddenly it hit me that although this was my first time to tackle the dreaded litter box, it certainly wouldn't be the last. In order to consistently have this clean smell and happy cats, I'd have to do this again...and again...and AGAIN.

That's when I was reminded of "The Power of Repeat." I heard a sermon preached on this subject about a year ago and I learned that it is absolutely accurate. Essentially, once you've found a pattern that yields desirable/positive results, repeat it. That's the power of repeat. For example: I smell cat pee, I clean the litter box, the smell goes away, I am satisfied, repeat.

I have found this process to be helpful and productive in my life, especially in the area of physical health and fitness. Taking care of your body - personal grooming, food/liquids that you consume, exercise - thrives on repetition. For instance, have you ever worked out super intensely and felt like, "Woo! Yeah! I did it!!" Then you didn't go back to the gym for a month and you felt like, "Ugh. I suck. I hate this." ??! Or, have you eaten a healthy breakfast or lunch one day but then totally binged on fast food for dinner? Yeah, we've all been there (don't leave me hangin', you've done that too right? Right?) But, this is where the power of repeat comes in handy. Here's what I found: 

"When I prioritize my personal grooming, I feel sexier. When I eat well, I feel healthier. When I exercise, I feel stronger. And when I do these things repetitively, I find that my health becomes habitual."

Think. Act. Process. Repeat.

If you follow this cycle consistently in your health journey, you'll find that it's actually difficult to give up on yourself when it comes to fitness and weight loss. With the power of repeat, it's okay if you have a cheat meal or you miss a workout. Your physical health becomes so much a part of your thinking and your daily habits that it becomes a lifestyle. And while you may have missed one day (or one month!), the next chance you get, you hit it even harder. And that's the ultimate goal (and reward!) - a lifestyle change that leads to a healthier YOU.

Now, just like all good things, it takes time for this to kick in. I'm entering year five of my health journey and I can't help but to reflect on the significance of repetition. It's affects are real and when a cycle is positive, you reap positive results. Now that's not to say that there haven't been bumps in the road - there have been PLENTY. Like this summer when I had surgery and didn't exercise for two months and binged on ice cream (and gained 15 lbs). But because my health mentality is lifestyle oriented, that power of repeat kicked in and I needed to act to regain control of my health. And so I did!

As I've said before, this journey has not been easy, but it's been worth it. And the result has been a healthy lifestyle and a loss of 100 lbs!

"Think. Act. Process. Repeat."

And you're on your way to a healthier you!

Weight Loss Photo Diary







Beginning of my journey to now. Left, 2011. Right, January 11, 2016.


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  1. Hahahahaha the cat litter comment made me laugh so much! I know the feeling too well!

    You are so right! The process of repeating is a powerful thing.
    You look AH-MAZING! I love your style!

    Chloe x

  2. Loving the positivity of this post! You look great :)

    Regarding the cat litter boxes... I always bring my top up around my nose so I don't have to smell it while cleaning it out. Urgh! :D

    1. Thank you! And YES they're the actual worst. But, I'm getting used to cleaning them now lol. Thanks for reading!


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