Get Me Bodied: Another Body Consciousness Update

11:30 AM

Hi friends!

Sooo...did you get the Beyoncé reference in the title? Yes? No?

Anywho, it's been a while since I've done a "body consciousness" blog (previous one's here and here). I figured it was about time for an update!

Since the last post in 2013, I have lost maybe 10-12 more pounds. Several people have asked me how I lost the weight. Was it Herbalife? Juicing? My favorite was, "What have you been eating, just cottage cheese & water?" LOL!

Truthfully, the weight loss wasn't immediately noticeable. And I don't feel that I have many secrets to share. Really, it felt as if one random day I woke up, looked at myself in the mirror, and saw more defined curves, which was indeed exciting! I must say though, honestly, "weight loss" hasn't been my goal at all this last year. I do not step on the scale regularly, I haven't made any concerted efforts to trim down like I did back in 2011. I've reached a weight that I am comfortable with and I'm quite content at the moment.

The weight loss I have experienced from 2012-2014 hasn't come about because I'm trying to shed some pounds. My life now isn't about a strict diet and rigorous exercising. Instead, it's been about consistency. What has changed from 2011 to the present is the way that I treat my body and how I take care of it on a daily basis.

With that in mind, here are the top 5 lessons I've learned on my weight loss journey:

Lesson 1 - Being healthy is a lifestyle.

Yes, you hear this ALL the time. Yes, it's quite cliché. But it is true. And a "lifestyle" change happens over the long durée and is not immediate. To be completely transparent with you, I have to admit that I didn't realize I had made a lifestyle change until like 2 years after I started this journey.

Lesson 2 - Find an exercise you love to do. 

That way, you'll actually stick with it. For me, that's simply been walking and pilates stretching. That's it. No, I haven't done crossfit. I tried Jillian Michaels and almost died immediately, so I quit that. Don't even think about P90X. Nope, nope, nope. I discovered that I actually love walking. I'll walk for miles.I've done several races, not because I want to be competitive (I'm way too slow for that lol), but because I want to do what I love.

*Disclaimer: When I started my weight loss journey and I was making a concerted effort to lose weight, I did hardcore workouts. I went to the gym, I got a personal trainer, I saw a weight loss specialist, all of that. And it was a healthy beginning for me. But, honestly, it didn't stick over time. It got me through those first 35 pounds. After that, it became more about creating a "lifestyle" that I wanted for myself. Walking and stretching may not sound like much of an exercise, but that's what has stood the test of time for me. And just from that, I lost 20 more pounds, so I'd say it works. Again, being healthy is a lifestyle, and it's one that YOU create for yourself.

Lesson 3 - Eat better food! 

Maaaaan listen, it took me literally 3 years to fully understand the whole 80/20 rule (80% of weight loss is dieting, 20% is exercising). I went to the grocery store recently and when I got to the counter, I was so impressed. I had fruit, whole grain bread, and yogurt in my cart instead of Snicker's & cupcakes. In fact, I haven't bought a box of cupcakes to snack on in over 6 months! Not to be redundant, but again, this was not a conscious effort. It just...happened over time. I discovered I love melons & strawberries more than I love candy bars. Voilà! But it's so crazy, I remember people used to tell me that whole 80/20 thing and I was like...this is stupid, bring on the Kit Kat's lol.  It took me venturing out and trying different things to discover that I actually like fruit. And I like it much better than other non-natural sweet things. I'll have a cupcake every now & then, but it's no longer a part of my regular diet.

Lesson 4 - Drink water.

Seriously, just do it. Start slow, if you need to. I started off having to force myself to drink one cup a day (yes, I was that far down the unhealthy, Coke-guzzling rabbit hole). Now, I'm up to a liter a day. I know, I know, that's still not enough, but let me live, alright? This is a lifestyle thing we're talking about.

Lesson 5 - Learn to dress for your body type. 

This one actually has taken a concerted effort on my part. One of the downfalls for me throughout my life has been not knowing what looks good on my body. I would buy "trendy" pieces that would accentuate every stretch mark & fat roll I had. Seriously. I was clueless. Eventually, for a while, I started wearing super frumpy things because I thought that's all that would look good on me.


I started watching all these YouTube videos and following all of these bloggers (like GirlWithCurves, yesss hunny) and discovered that I could be sexy...ME. I've never thought of myself as sexy. But, yes, even I can feel beautiful and confident in my clothes if I know what kind of bra to wear...or what kind of underwear doesn't create that weird stomach bulge we all get. It shouldn't have been a revelation to me that buying a pair of jeans that actually fits well would change the look and feel of your whole outfit, but it was. Lifestyle change. I know what flatters my body shape now.


Now that I've imparted all of my knowledge, it's picture time! Last time I posted a photo of myself in a croptop, some of my "friends" were a little offended that I was showing some skin...soooo, if that's you, you should exit now. *flips hair and moves on*

From 2011 to 2014:

Here's a photo of me from 2011:

Here's a photo of me from last week:

Here's a side-by-side comparison (2011, 2014):

Here's my face change (that sounds weird...):

(2011, 2013)

(2012, 2013)

So, there you have it friends! You're all updated on my body consciousness journey! Thanks so much for reading! 

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  1. Pam, you're amazing! And an inspiration, as always. But I just want to say, I always thought you were beautiful then. Now you're just making us all look bad. ;) I'm so proud of you and I want to follow in your footsteps. Thanks for sharing lady!

    1. Kayla! You're so awesome. We can take this journey together! :)


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