Series of Thankfulness: New Life Church

1:11 PM

I've decided to do what I call a Series of Thankfulness...there are so many people that I love and who have meant the world to me in Arkansas. People who have changed my life. People that it hurts to be 600+ miles away from...but people who support me in my decision and where God is leading me. I'm starting off with New Life Church.

This church has literally changed my life. Aside from accepting Jesus into my heart, joining NLC has been the best spiritual thing I've done for myself. From them, I've learned love like no relationship with Christ completely changed and I am forever grateful.

In addition to that, I made some FABULOUS friends. From my first growth track class, I met some awesome people, like Jake Churchwell, who encouraged me to join the greeter team. Then, I met Monet and Kellie, two of my dearest friends now. We helped each other through difficult times and laughed during the good time. They are amazing women.

From there, I continued to follow Jake around (love you Jake! lol) and joined the Worship Team, which was an amazing learning experience and taught me a lot of things I could take with me to AGS this past summer, but more on that later :) I had some amazing times worshiping with the ensemble and worship team, ESPECIALLY over, what a spirit-filled, joyful weekend that was!

Last but certainly not least, was our life group, A Better Way to Pray...where I also followed Jake. We met some wonderfully amazing people in our group, and I have just been so grateful. I found more confidence in prayer. And I found some amazing people to live life with! Man, I tell you, when God has blessed you with amazing people, accept it, thank Him, and be grateful. I know I am :)

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